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Foresight Portfolio

Build robust quantitative portfolios while retaining full control over every aspect of the strategy building process.

  • Leverage the insights from Foresight Discovery. Browse throught the hundreds of uncorrelated predictive relationships that our proprietary scoring mechanism surfaces.
  • Full control over your Portfolio. Build strategies and portfolios with with a few clicks and explore out-of-sample historical performance. Save time on back-and-forths with your research team.
  • Bring your own data - safely. Securely integrate your own data and bring out the most from the propertery information you collected over time.

Capabilities - Human interpretable, large-scale data analysis

  • Predictive Power Score. Our proprietary scoring mechanism helps identify uncorrelated quantitative strategies with great risk-adjusted performance.Predictive Power Score
  • Out-of-sample Performance. Observe a strategy's past, out-of-sample performance. Models are constructed in a walk-forward manner, evaluated on unseen data.Out-of-sample Performance
  • Robustness. Understand a strategy's robustness across a wide range of parametersRobustness
  • Delay-sensitivity. Understand how the information-content of a strategy decays.Delay-sensitivity
  • Interpretable & Deployable Strategies. Interpretable ruleset that you can deploy on your own infrastructure.Interpretable & Deployable Strategies
  • Performance Monitoring. Create portfolios of strategies for any number of assets and monitor their performance.Performance Monitoring

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